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The prime of craftsmanship – Details on wood work

admin - January 5, 2022 - 0 comments

The prime of craftsmanship – Details on wood work

Although man has been working with wood since the beginning of civilization, in weapons or shelter, that’s not an easy job. Years have passed and wood is still one of the prior materials to design contemporary furniture pieces and crafting a beautiful, high-end wood piece requires the expertise of world-class craftsmanship.

At Wonatti we use only the finest woods that are hand-turned into exquisite pieces by our skilled craftsmen.


Intrigued? Scroll down and see our wood pieces and it inspires our designers!

Some woods can be tricky for inexperienced manufacturers, however, our 34 years experienced craftsmen know the attributes of each individual wood and use their talents to bring to life the unique beauty of each one.

Wonatti, in its designs, uses 3 types of Wood: American Walnut, Palisander and Oak.

All of them have their own unique properties being noble woods on it’s own.

Stay with us to discover more about our Prime of Craftsmanship Techniques